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Program Three
Kravis Center 2015-16
Program Three
Year of the Rabbit* - Peck/Stevens
Sunset* - Taylor/Elgar
Bourrée Fantasque - Balanchine/Chabrier

Alluding to the cyclical nature of life, Justin Peck’s acclaimed Year of the Rabbit channels diverse encounters through the corps de ballet in a stunningly architected array of movement. Enhanced by Michael Atkinson’s new orchestration (based on Sufjan Stevens' 2002 electronic album Enjoy Your Rabbit), the work marks a significant artistic milestone as classical ballet transitions into the 21st century.

Profoundly eloquent and deeply affecting, Paul Taylor’s masterpiece Sunset prompted the New York Observer to call it “one of the few great dance works of the past quarter-century.” With moving introspection, the work suggests the complexities of love, camaraderie and the poignancy of separation as experienced by six soldiers and the girls they leave behind. “Delicately presented, achingly sad…I’m always startled to meet people who aren’t moved to tears by it.”

C’est magnifique! One of George Balanchine’s most charming works, the ebullient Bourrée Fantasque is set to the sparkling music of Emmanuel Chabrier and alluringly dressed in chic Karinska-inspired costumes. Delightfully melodic, vibrant and comic, this joyful fusion of French style and choreographic dynamism provides pure pleasure.

The acquisition of Year of the Rabbit is made possible by a generous contribution from the Ansin Foundation in honor of Miami City Ballet Founder, Toby Lerner Ansin’s 75th birthday and in celebration of Miami City Ballet’s 30th Anniversary Season.

* Company Premiere
Fri 2/26/16 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 2/27/16 2:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 2/27/16 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sun 2/28/16 1:00PM Kravis Center

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Kravis Center 2015-16
A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Balanchine/Mendelssohn
Claudia and Steven Perles, Title Sponsors

Ballet meets world-class visual art and groundbreaking dramaturgy. As a celebration of our landmark 30th anniversary season, MCB will present an innovative reimagining of George Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Balanchine’s first wholly original full-length ballet crafted in America, A Midsummer Night’s Dream first debuted in 1962 – embodying Shakespeare’s timeless tale of love and magic, reality and illusion.

Balanchine waited nearly 20 years to create this ballet, as he searched earnestly for music that would embody the production he imagined – weaving together Felix Mendelssohn’s Opus 61 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with other works from the composer’s oeuvre to create the full score.

Join us as we unveil a new interpretation of the Balanchine/Shakespeare/Mendelssohn masterpiece from a perspective that is uniquely Miami. Featuring creative collaboration by two internationally acclaimed artists: Michele Oka Doner for original costumes and sets and Tarell Alvin McCraney for dramatic direction.
Fri 4/1/16 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 4/2/16 2:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 4/2/16 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sun 4/3/16 1:00PM Kravis Center

Kravis Center 2016-17
17 Program One
Fri 11/11/16 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 11/12/16 2:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 11/12/16 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sun 11/13/16 1:00PM Kravis Center

Kravis Center 2016-17
17 Program Two
Fri 1/20/17 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 1/21/17 2:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 1/21/17 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sun 1/22/17 1:00PM Kravis Center

Kravis Center 2016-17
17 Program Three
Fri 2/24/17 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 2/25/17 2:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 2/25/17 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sun 2/26/17 1:00PM Kravis Center

Kravis Center 2016-17
17 Program Four
Fri 3/17/17 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 3/18/17 2:00PM Kravis Center
Sat 3/18/17 8:00PM Kravis Center
Sun 3/19/17 1:00PM Kravis Center